About Our Services
Your first visit with us will be an assessment consultation.  During this visit Barbara
will be talking to you about your personal goals, medical history, body analysis,  
what your food preferences are and your lifestyle.  This initial consultation will
usually last about an hour and a half.  

Your second visit with Barbara will be a teaching consultation.  During this visit you
and Barbara will be going over the personalized meal plan she has put together
for you.  The meal plan she provides you with will have been written to best fit with
your lifestyle and to help you to attain your goals.  Barbara will include sample
menus and recipes for you to help you along the path to a healthier lifestyle.  This
visit will usually last about an hour and a half.

As for follow-up consultations, you and Barbara will talk and decide if and when
you need to follow-up.

Barbara is always available to her patients for questions and concerns between
visits via email and phone.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and cashiers check.  
Payment must be made on the day of your visit.  We do not accept

Most insurance does not pay for Medical Nutrition Therapy.  You are responsible
for your payment on the day of your visit and you may file for reimbursement
through your insurance company.

To place an order or to make an appointment please contact
By Phone: 727-796-8927
Dietetic Consulting Services, Inc.
Barbara S. Correll, MS, RD, LD
2764 Pleasant Rd, #11617
Fort Mill, SC 29708
Phone: 727-796-8927