About Our Company
Are you looking for a Dietitian that will understand how to help you
coordinate your nutritional needs with exercise and lifestyle?

Are you looking for a Dietitian who can work with weight loss, Gastric
By-pass, Lap Band, Biliopancreatic Duodenal Switch or help you prepare
for and heal rapidly from Plastic Surgery?

Are you looking for a Dietitian who will put the whole plan together and be
there for you down the road if a problem arises?  Someone who cares
enough to be only a phone call or email away when you really need them?

Look no further!
 We strive to provide each client with a
individually structured nutrition plan and with the most
current information on professional nutritional
supplemental products, exercise programs,
emergency intervention and those other pluses to
help our clients attain a better quality of life.

Barbara S. Correll has been providing individually
structured Nutrition plans to patients for the past
5 years in private practice.  Our clients include people
from all walks of life with any number of health concerns.
We work with Gastric By-Pass Patients,
Eating Disorders, Adult, Adolescent and Children's Weight Loss and
Wellness Programs, Cardiac, Diabetes, Athletes, and healthy people who
want to remain that way.  Corporate wellness programs are also available.  

Barbara believes that no two people are alike and therefore each client  
needs an individual approach to nutrition, exercise and behavior
modification.  Providing up to date researched information without hype is
what most people really want and that is what we do.

As a researcher, Barbara has worked closely with vitamin and nutraceutical
companies to develop product lines that are truly a cut above the rest.  It is
very important that when a client makes a decision to take a supplement,
that it is the correct one.  We only provide nutritional supplements to our
About Us
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