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The following are some recipes Barbara has selected from Recipe Zaar:  
** In all the following recipes Splenda Brown Sugar or Splenda Sugar Substitute can be used for
brown and white sugars
Before we get to the Recipes, Barbara has some tips to help you survive the
Holidays after Gastric Bypass Surgery:

Don't Go It Alone: Use your support people.

Take Your Own Food: Something that you can eat and share.

Look Before Eating: Review the food available from afar before indulging.

No Hanging Out: Do not linger around the buffet table.  Prepare your plate and move on.

Size it Up: Look at the food on your plate before you eat and make sure the portion sizes are

Eat Slowly: It is easy to lose track of how and what you are eating when you are not in your
normal setting.

Smaller is Better:  Use the smallest plates available.

Eat At Home: Especially if you are uncomfortable eating around others.

Remember Your Water: Keep a glass of water with you at all times.

Beware of Alcohol: If you decide to drink alcohol, remember you can become intoxicated on very
little and it is very high in calories.

Enjoy the Company: The best part of the party is the people who you will see and you should
enjoy this interaction.

Beware of Emotional Eating: The Holidays can be a time of high emotions & you need to be very
cautious of overeating.

A Slip is Not a Failure: Do not beat yourself up if you make a mistake.  Recognize the problem
and move on!

Most Important:  Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!
Candied Yams, Heart Healthy

Lemony Green Beans

Pumpkin Pie Pudding
Cranberry Sauce
Creamy Mashed Potatoes
Zucchini Carrot Saute
Spinach with Olive Oil & Lemon
Herbed Turkey Breast
Herb-Seasoned Turkey
Grilled Ham Steaks
Karen's Devilish Devil Eggs
Swanson Moist & Savory Stuffing
Crustless Apple Pie