We do carry and sell products, but only to our clients.  The products that we
carry are pharmaceutical  grade supplements, very high potency and have a
high absorption rate.  Barbara does not want her clients taking supplements that
could harm them in any way, therefore she will want to talk with you via phone or
email if you decide to order a supplement that you have not taken before.
This is only a partial list of the supplements available.  Items not listed here for
specific health concerns are available by special order.
Dietetic Consulting Services, Inc.
Barbara S. Correll, MS, RD, LD
2764 Pleasant Rd, #11617
Fort Mill, SC 29708
Phone: 727-796-8927
Acetyl-L-Carnitine, 90 caps
Aloe Vera
B-12 Sublingual, 60
Buffered Vitamin C, powder
Stellar C, 90 vegicaps
Calcium Magnesium, liquid
D3 Synergy, 120 vegi- caps
D Supreme, 5000 iu, 60 vegi-caps
D Ultra 10K, 60 caps
Vitamin D3 Emulsi Liquid
Ferrochel Iron Chelate, 120 caps
Lipoic Acid Supreme, 60 vegi- caps
MagneGel, transdermal gel, 8 oz
Magnesium Glycinate Chelate, 120 vegi-caps
Melatonin, 10mg, 120 caps
Multiple Vitamin, 120 vegi-caps
Multiple Vitamin, 240 vegi-caps
PaleoFiber, 300 grams, 30 servings
Proti Liquid Concentrate, Berry, 7 servings
Proti Liquid Concentrate, Grape, 7 servings
Proti Liquid Concentrate, Raspberry, 7 srvngs
Proti Liquid Concentrate, Pomegranate, 7
Proti 15, Berry Blast, 7 packets
Proti 15, Grapefruit, 7 packets
Proti 15, Lemon, 7 packets
Proti 15, Orange, 7 packets
Proti 15, Peach Mango, 7 packets
Proti 15, Strawberry/Kiwi
Silvercillin Spray, 4oz.
Super Liquid Folate, 1 oz
Natures Oasis Liquid Multiple, 32 oz
Z-Pro, chocolate, 24 packets
Z-Pro, vanilla, 24 packets
Z-Pro, Mixed (12 van/12 choc)
Zinc Challenge, liquid
Zygest Pro, 90 caps